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Liuzhou, hereinafter referred to as "liu", nickname pot city, liuzhou, guangxi's largest industrial city, national Ⅱtype cities, one of China's five major auto city, industrial town, comprehensive transportation hub in southwest China, trade logistics center, is the only national country with faw, dongfeng, saic and heavy truck and so on four big city automobile group vehicle production enterprises, China's inland important channel to the association of south-east Asian nations (asean), and the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) two-way traffic product base for processing trade and logistics transit city, south-west sea channel distribution hub, "One Belt And One Road" organic link of the portal important nodes and xijiang economic belt of the leading cities in the western development strategy and core city.


Liuzhou is the largest industrial base in guangxi, the total industrial output accounts for about 1/5 of guangxi; At the same time, it is also known as "guizhong commercial port", which is the railway hub and regional comprehensive transportation hub connecting southwest China with central and south China, east China and south China, and has formed a modern transportation network integrating water, land and air.


Surrounded by green mountains and surrounded by flowing water, liuzhou urban area depicts the scenery of "baili liujiang river, baili gallery", which enjoys the reputation of "beautiful and clean land" and "the world's largest natural bonsai". Within the 250-kilometer radius centered on liuzhou, more than 80% of the 4A tourist scenic spots in guangxi are concentrated, and together with the neighboring guilin city, they constitute the world-renowned grand guilin tourist scenic spot. Liuzhou, with a history of more than 2,100 years, is a national historical and cultural city. Liuzhou is known as the "stone capital of China".


Liuzhou is a sacred place where zhuang people sing songs by liu sanjie. It is said that liu sanjie's singing in yufeng mountain moved heaven and became immortal. The songs of the zhuang ethnic group, the buildings of the dong ethnic group, the dances of the miao ethnic group and the festivals of the yao ethnic group can be called the four wonders of liuzhou ethnic customs.


In the 2016 China's top 10 livable cities list, liuzhou ranked seventh, and the 2016 China's cleanest cities ranked fifth. The 2016 F1 motorboat world championship was held in liuzhou.